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Cloud Strategies

Cloud-based data has been a popular trend over the past several years, replacing the traditional on-premise server setup. The long-term benefits of working on cloud platforms outweigh any short-term setup costs. B/Net has robust expertise in several cloud service areas, which are part of our IT services portfolio.

Cloud Migrations

B/Net Systems’ team of seasoned IT professionals provides context and guidance for any cloud migration. We have migrated many clients and have a proven process to determine your cloud needs, migrate data to the cloud, and train you and your staff to get the most of these cloud services.

Microsoft O365 SharePoint site design, configuration, data migration, user training, and management. B/Net meets with key business stakeholders to identify your needs, budget or time constraints, and future plans, in order to set up a SharePoint site that will grow with our client’s needs. Migrate your server, local data, or other cloud data (e.g., Google Workspace or Dropbox) to SharePoint, for improved convenience, security, and flexibility.

Microsoft O365 OneDrive is a synchronized folder system that allows users to work offline on any file stored in their OneDrive. All OneDrive files are backed up to the O365 cloud when the computer is online, allowing users to easily work on files across multiple devices.

Microsoft O365 Azure cloud storage or server, for secure, reliable, and easy-to-access data management. B/Net recommends Azure for clients who need to leverage the convenience of cloud storage, but for technical or other reasons, prefer not to use the SharePoint platform. We configure Azure to be as seamless as possible with the client’s existing IT setup.

If you run servers that host specific applications, we also can set up cloud servers on Azure to perform the same functions and free you from the burden of maintaining and replacing on-premise servers.

Microsoft O365 Teams Phone offers cloud-based telephony as a replacement for physical phone systems. Available to your staff wherever they are located, Teams includes text chat, document sharing, and staff collaboration features, as well as voice service. All communications are managed through the Teams interface on any device with the Teams app, resulting in a more efficient interface that integrates seamlessly with O365. Migrate your phone system to O365 Teams Phone and your staff will be able to make or receive calls using their work phone number, on their computers or mobile devices, no matter where they are in the world as long as they have a good Internet connection.

In addition to Microsoft O365 Teams Phone, B/Net has the capability to migrate clients or set up from scratch a range of cloud VOIP phone services such as Dialpad, RingCentral, Zoom, and other VOIP phone vendors.

Google Workspace for secure document sharing, collaboration, voice or video calls, text chats, and email, and the functionality is essentially the same as the Microsoft services outlined above. B/Net works with our clients to determine which vendor’s cloud platform best meets their needs.

We will develop a training program tailored to our client’s specific needs. Immediately following a cloud migration project or as a stand-alone service, we help you leverage the benefits of your cloud-based systems. Training may include a basic overview of the new system as well as best practice uses of data files, simultaneous collaboration, access via multiple devices, and key features of SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams Voice, or Google Workspace.

IT Workflow and Process Automation

Workflow and Process Automation

Replace paper and email-based workflows with cloud workflows by leveraging SharePoint’s workflow customization–save time, reduce errors, and improve accountability in your organization.


Draft commonly used forms, such as leave or procurement requests

Task Tracking / Project Management

Share work progress and planning with managers and team members


Create surveys and polls for clients and staff


Create a communication site to publish company news


Develop an intranet for company divisions or committees

Cloud Security

Enhanced cloud security, including additional threat protection and third-party data backups, is an add-on service to our cloud-based systems. We also offer other extensive cybersecurity services.

Microsoft Defender for O365: Enable proactive monitoring so B/Net can be alerted to suspicious security behavior, such as mass file deletions, or impossible travel (logins to a company account from geographically distant locations at approximately the same time). We can get to work immediately to determine if there was a security breach, or if the suspicious activity is legitimate.

Third-party data backups: In the event the primary cloud service vendor has a security breach or data loss, we can rely on our third-party backups to restore your data. Our service includes twice-daily backups of both email and data files