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Experience, Customer Service, Teamwork, Work/Life Balance, Experience, Experience, Teamwork
"B/Net has been providing our firm with IT support for more than 23 years. There is a reason we have never switched to another company to help us, and that is because we see B/Net as a key partner to our success. With their advice and work, we have very few IT issues and when we ever do encounter a challenge they work with us to solve it immediately."
Amie Adams
President, Dunn Associates

About Us.

B/Net is an IT services provider that has been helping small- and medium-sized businesses manage their IT needs for 25 years. We pride ourselves on our personalized, concierge-style support in which we tailor our services to each customer’s needs so we become an integral part of their teams. B/Net can easily scale to fit the IT needs of our clients: from managing limited portions of their IT operations to providing turnkey solutions for all IT responsibilities.

Our clients are primarily national non-profits, national and international associations, and small- and medium-sized businesses who benefit financially and operationally from outsourcing their IT functions.

Why Outsource IT? 3 Critical Reasons

B/Net’s extensive experience has led us to recognize three main reasons to outsource IT.

System Reliability

Why Outsource IT?

Outsourcing IT mitigates the risk of an IT system failure. IT is a critical business function and businesses should address IT management as an operational responsibility and expense.​

Cost Savings

Why Outsource IT?

Outsourcing allows a small business to realize the benefits of a full IT team with professional expertise at a fraction of the cost. A team approach is also more reliable than relying on a single IT staff, since there is no single point of failure.​

Free Up Your Staff

Why Outsource IT?

Outsourcing ensures that your IT function gets the attention that it requires, without tying up your staff with complex and mission-critical issues to resolve. Your staff can focus on their expertise and on improving and growing your business.

“Working for the world's leading technology companies creates an expectation of technological excellence. B/Net has exceeded that expectation and consistently delivers excellent service.”
Dean Garfield
President and Chief Executive Officer, Information Technology Industry Council

Our Approach.

B/Net follows a proven process to more accurately map its resources to the client’s IT challenges. Before making any recommendations, B/Net takes the time to interview key stakeholders to learn the business model, short- and long-term goals, staff composition and needs, existing IT systems, and pain points of the client. Based on this discovery process, B/Net develops a strategic IT plan and works with the client to implement the plan.

Our Building Blocks for Success



  • In business 25 years
  • President and CEO who has “worn every hat” in the company
  • Tech team with at least 15 years IT experience each


  • Our clients are our trusted partners
  • 100% organic growth: entire client base built from referrals
  • 1st and 2nd clients remain our valued customers
  • 98% customer satisfaction rating


  • Cross-functional teams ensure reliability and create redundancy
  • Internal teams and external teams are interwoven to create B/Net-Client teams
  • Wide breadth of expertise enables us to customize a team to fit your needs

Work/Life Balance

  • Staff schedules are flexible, yet responsive to client needs
  • Technology enables us to allow some remote work
  • We expect accountability, but value time for social and leisure activities​
  • Cross-training and our online teamwork systems help reduce stress
"We couldn’t be more pleased with the service we receive from B/Net. When we suffered a major hack, B/Net helped stitch us back together again. From soup to nuts you can count on this experienced team."
Robert Cresanti
President and Chief Executive Officer, International Franchise Association

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