Information Technology Expertise

B/Net bridges the technology gap for small and mid sized companies. Our experienced team will manage your IT processes, allowing your staff to focus on what it knows best.

B/Net Systems Testimonials

IT Support Services

On-Call Help Desk

B/Net leverages a cloud-based automated ticket support system. Our help desk team provides technically-superior and responsive on-demand support services. Whether on-site or remote, we address IT issues such as problems with email, printers, login and passwords, Internet connectivity, and more.

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B/Net has a 98% satisfaction rating across all clients for help desk support.


Our team of IT professionals reviews our clients’ IT issues to address root causes and minimize future problems. We also proactively manage IT vendors and licensing to ensure a smooth IT operation. This reduces our clients’ need for direct hands on interactions with third party vendors.

Monthly Maintenance

We offer a monthly maintenance solution, which ensures that all systems are following IT best practices for stability and security. B/Net installs our management tools on all workstations to automate operating system updates, software security patching, weekly antivirus/malware scans, and weekly hard disk defragmentation.

IT Security Services

Standard Security Services

We properly configure firewalls and ensure the latest software/firmware updates.

We systematically ensure that servers and workstations have the latest software patches.

We regularly back up all important system files so data is secure in the event of system failure or a security breach.

We restrict administrator access on workstations to limit the damage that could be done if a computer is compromised.

We set up MFA for all cloud-based accounts. MFA is a system that requires an additional piece of information, besides the username and password, to access an account. This provides an extra layer of security that guards against others hacking into our clients’ online accounts.

Enhanced Security Services

Social engineering has become the primary method for malware delivery and ransomware attacks. Through a partner program, B/Net can administer a cyber security awareness program for you and your staff. Our annual process has demonstrated consistent success in improving cyber security awareness.

Our white paper “Addressing Your Cyber Security Threat highlights potential vulnerabilities to phishing and how to improve your company’s online security. A mid-sized association’s recent B/Net cyber security training resulted in a 91.7% phishing proneness improvement.

Customized IT Services

B/Net will perform a comprehensive security assessment of your technology environment and provide you with a report that contains the assessment results, the risks if not addressed, a security score comparison (for Office 365 customers) and recommendations. Based on the assessment results, B/Net will draft an actionable security plan to address the needs of your organization.

B/Net works with an experienced IT security partner to perform penetration tests and vulnerability scans. Probing your network for security vulnerabilities can lead us to early intervention and the implementation of risk reduction strategies. B/Net offers this service as a standalone assessment or as part of an annual security review.

IT Strategic Planning

B/Net collaborates with stakeholders to create strategic IT plans that ensure our clients’ technology supports their business goals. The plans are reviewed and updated regularly to account for inevitable changes in business priorities and new projects.

New Technology Recommendations

There are many IT hardware and software products on the market to choose from and they are constantly changing. We make it our business to keep abreast of new technologies and to understand when different technologies make the most sense. B/Net will provide you with an analysis of the pros and cons of new technologies and explain how they could improve your business operations. Further, If you decide a new technology is right for you, B/Net will work with you to implement the new technology.

IT Assessments

B/Net works with organizations who want to know how they can improve their IT systems. We offer professional, comprehensive reviews of your organization’s current IT infrastructure, technology needs and goals, and what needs to be done to align the current infrastructure with your goals. We perform a complete IT Assessment of all existing workstations, servers, networks, and cloud-based services, and include recommendations for replacements and improvements.

IT Budget and Growth Planning

Your IT operations, which encompass the computers that staff use to get their jobs done, IT services such as Internet and email, and the data and programs used in the course of doing business, must be adequately maintained. The consequences of an IT point of failure range from a minor disruption of business to a complete shutdown. To protect against the risk of a breakdown, B/Net will provide an analysis of your IT needs, help track IT expenses throughout the year, and collaborate with you to create an IT budget to maintain existing infrastructure while also planning for future growth.

IT Project Management

B/Net’s experienced project managers have strong technical expertise and can manage a range of IT projects. We apply professional project management techniques to each project, starting with planning, scheduling, staffing, and budgeting, and then work with stakeholders to ensure successful outcomes and final products. Examples of IT projects we manage include implementation and oversight of knowledge and data management techniques, remote office or user setup, office moves, and VOIP phone system selection and deployment.

Cloud Migration
& Cloud Based Services

Businesses considering migrating parts of their IT infrastructure to the cloud need a trusted technology advisor to guide them in choosing the right technology and configuring it properly to meet their business goals. B/Net excels in this area, as we have a seasoned team of IT professionals who can provide the necessary context and guidance for any cloud migration. We have migrated most of our clients’ IT systems to the cloud and have a proven process to determine client cloud needs, migrate data to the cloud, and train client users to get the most of their cloud services.

IT Policies and Programs

Virtual CIO

B/Net Systems
Virtual CIO (vCIO)

Technical C-level leadership,
planning, and decision making.

A vCIO, or fractional CIO, is ideal for organizations looking for the advantage of a seasoned and unbiased technology executive, but without the costs of a full-time hire, and the associated benefit load. Whether it’s a problem with day-to-day operations or the need for an experienced and seasoned CIO for strategic planning, B/Net’s vCIO service is an affordable resource that works at a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of a full-time CIO.

Advise and collaborate with organizational stakeholders to develop strategic and tactical plans for the application of IT initiatives to support business objectives.

Develop and manage an IT or project budget.

Review existing IT vendor agreements and contracts.

Develop and enhance those agreements and foster strategic partnerships with best in class service providers.

Serve as a dedicated project manager who will liaison with external vendors and internal staff to ensure your project stays on time and on budget.

Identify areas for change management opportunities to avoid digital disruption.

Align IT properly within the organization's business.

Perform policy and compliance consultation. Review and develop necessary IT policies.

Serve as an interim CIO. Work with an individual who needs mentoring into the full-time role or assist with hiring.

Provide innovative, industry-tuned thought leadership.

A B/Net System’s vCIO will be your trusted adviser and a partner with your executive team to make IT proactive rather than reactive. B/Net systems offers several consultative arrangement options to best meet the needs of your organization.

Policy Advisor

B/Net Systems
Policy Advisor (PaaS)

IT Policies-as-a-Service.


An organization’s ability to safeguard their most precious information assets should be the top concern of any board or executive member. According to a recent Ponemon Institute survey, almost 70% of survey respondents indicated that their organizations do not have an Incident Response Policy or plan and lack the transparency and clarity to be able to identify and respond to a security incident.

At B/Net Systems, we understand that proactive Information Technology (IT) organizations are built on a solid policy framework. Our baseline IT and security policies meet current industry audit standards and have over ten years of audit and regulatory rigor. Our baseline policy documents are customized to meet your organizational needs through collaborative consultation sessions.

B/Net Systems has a long history of writing creative, compelling, and concise policy and planning documentation. To service those organizations wanting to mature their IT security posture we offer policy consultation services which include these and other policy documents.

Information Security Policy to define the standards and processes your organization uses to secure your network and data.

Incident Response Planning and Policy to define and document the process for how your organization responds to a security / data breach or theft.

Asset Management Policy to define the way your organization manages and secures technology assets.

Device Policy to define the way your organization supports personal technology and devices (Bring Your Own Device, BYOD) and organizational technology and devices.

Records Retention Policy to define and document the data classification and retention periods for electronic and paper files.

B/Net System’s will be your trusted adviser and a partnership with your board and executive team to make IT proactive rather than reactive and offers several consultative arrangement options to best meet the needs of your organization.